Get the Most out of Phew!

Parents: Approve - Re-Rate - Stay in Touch


Select the "Approve Content" tab and see what your kids have been viewing and what they want to view. Use this info to approve more content.

1. Click a link under one of the 3 categories or input topic in the search box

2. Find a video and make sure it is appropriate

3. Press icon

4. Fill out form & submit

Re-Rate / Report

If you as a parent see something that you don't think your kid should be watching, press the report button

Report video using the "hand" button

  • Modify Age: This keeps the content in the app but allows you to increase the approval age
  • Use one of the other options to completely remove the content from the app

Stay in Touch

See what your kids have been up to. Keep track of...

Kids: Dashboard - Favorite - YouTube Player


Watch videos, explore websites, and play games from your "New", "Trending", and "Favorites" feeds

Use search bar to find specific videos

Use icon in top right to switch users

Press "Phew!" button (top left) on any page to get back to dashboard

YouTube Player

Use "star" button to add videos to your favorites feed

Related section contains similar videos, that are safe and approved by age

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