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Parents: Approve - Re-Rate - Stay in Touch


Sign-in to your parent account to review and approve YouTube content. Kids on Phew! can only access content that you or other parents like you approve. Use Phew! parent mode to approve content for your kids.

Discover videos that are popular on YouTube or search for specific content.

Review and Approve

Review videos and channels in Parent-mode for age appropriateness, and add those you deem appropriate by assigning an age rating.

Re-Rate / Report

If you as a parent see something that you don't think your kid should be watching, press the report button

Report video using the "hand" button

  • Modify Age: This keeps the content in the app but allows you to increase the approval age
  • Use one of the other options to completely remove the content from the app

Stay in Touch

See what your kids have been up to. Keep track of...

Kids: Dashboard - Favorite - YouTube Player


Watch videos, explore channels, and playlists from your "New", "Trending", and "Favorites" tabs

Use search tab to find specific videos

Use exit button at top left to switch users

YouTube Player

Use "star" button to add videos, channels, or playlists to your favorites feed

Related section contains similar videos, that are safe and approved by age

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